(I got this stuff from a book called The Hidden History of Heavy Metal and its pretty sweet!!! Its out of print now so dont bother looking for it. But I lost my copy when my brother-in-law ripped off some stuff from me so if anybody find's one I'll buy it off your hands because it had a lot of other great stuff in it too!!!!)

The Band

Odin Anderson - songwriting, lyrics and guitar
Odin was the group’s central figure, responsible for writing almost all of the band’s songs and known for his authority among the rest of the group. In addition to the material, Odin came up with the “Old Gods” image. He was well-known for the degree of control he wielded over the band, which was an occasional source of strife within the group. Unlike the other members, Odin was never very comfortable in the limelight: as a guitar player, he preferred impeccable technique over flamboyant displays of skill (although he was certainly capable of the latter when required), and he preferred to do his most important work behind the scenes.

(Odin was like a god!!! HAha you know what I mean :) Seriously that guy was so awesome. I got into the Old Gods a little late 'cause I was so young but at least it wasn't to late! This guy had insane stage presence, he was like a commander of a huge army when the band played or something. Best years of my life!!! I met my first girl friend in an Old Gods show so I owe them for that too!!! :D)

Tor Anderson - drums, charisma and energy
The charismatic Tor Anderson was known for the relentless energy he brought into the band, whether it was performing, partying or arguing. He was the figure many people most readily associated with the band, if only because he had the biggest physical presence. Easily angered but quick to laugh, Tor was known both for his habit of getting in trouble and his willingness to make up for it afterwards, and he never avoided a chance to be the center of attention.

"Fat" Bob Balder - bass
Fat Bob was well-known for his friendly and open demeanor, and he was an extremely well-liked man. Despite being a former flower child who never quite managed to accept that the Summer of Love had ended, he was nevertheless not a naïve man. It’s often said that Fat Bob Balder was the glue that held the band together; his presence had a calming effect on the volatile Tor, he smoothed things over with the capricious Loki, and he was the right-hand man for Odin. It’s certainly true that with his absence, the Old Gods fell apart. Fat Bob was diagnosed with leukemia and died in 1980, and the band never recovered from that loss: the promised new record was quietly scrapped.

Loki Darkens - second guitar
Loki was an excellent and inspired guitar player, but his behavior was a constant source of friction in the band: he would blow off practice sessions, and he had a reputation for uncaring, even cruel behavior. What’s more, he was undependable. Loki would often blow off practice sessions or disappear without letting the others know where he was, and there were numerous public arguments about money. It’s rumored that he was on the verge of getting fired from the band because the other Old Gods were sick of his antics, but he was still a considerable presence on the first records, and many fans enjoyed the unpredictable quirks he brought to the band’s sound. Loki’s current whereabouts are unknown, as he disappeared under unclear circumstances shortly after the release of Follow Me Underground.

(All real Old Gods fans know taht Loki was a damn snake!!! He was stealing money and always trying to run the band even though it was totally Odins band. Sure he played guitar really well but he was just not fitting in with the rest of the guys. I know this dude who saw the Old Gods play in LA back in 1971 and he says Loki just messed the whole gig up when he started throwing stuff like beer bottles into the audience and hurt some people pretty bad. It was almost a riot! So good riddance too bad rubbish. :-D)